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Appreciating Our Heritage at Mississauga's Bradley Museum

For those lucky enough to call Mississauga home, visiting the Bradley Museum offers an opportunity to learn and appreciate local history, arts and culture. Located in what was once the family homestead of Rebecca and George Bradley, the museum sits on a 20-acre site that was part of the original farm. The homestead was built in 1816, later becoming a recreational centre for the family and community, hosting events and gatherings that drew in people from all over Ontario. Information can be found here.


Today, the museum continues to foster a strong appreciation for our local heritage, and a long list of cultural and educational offerings is available here. Whether you’re looking to dive deep into the history of local indigenous people, learn about how the town of Mississauga came to be, or learn about the career of Dr James Naismith (who created basketball), it’s all available to explore at the museum. See here for information about Gaze in Wonder at the Beauty of Port Credit's Lighthouse.

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Additionally, the museum houses permanent collections in Fine and Decorative Arts, Energy, Astronomy and Space, Agriculture, Environment and Stonework, among others. These collections form the core of the museum. Still, there are also temporary exhibitions that explore a wide range of topics, whether the oral history project that chronicles the memories of residents from the city from the ‘50s or the Artwork Project that celebrates the local artists who have made an impact in the Mississauga community.

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