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Gaze in Wonder at the Beauty of Port Credit's Lighthouse

The lighthouse stands tall and proud at the entrance to Port Credit Harbour, reclaiming its rightful place as a monument to a city's past. From its elevated location, one can take in sweeping views of the lake, harbour and the distant Toronto skyline. On a clear day, the backdrop to the lighthouse is truly a sight to behold. Learn information about Mississauga, ON.


In addition to its beauty, the lighthouse has a unique history. It has been a beacon of hope for much of its life, but it has also been a potent reminder of losses in the World. Many ships were lost due to bad weather and dense fog, leaving the lighthouse seeing tragedy. Discover facts about Beholding the Beauty of Port Credit Memorial Park.

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Over the years, the lighthouse has weathered the storm and served as a reminder of what it means to see beyond the darkness. Throughout the years, the lighthouse has been lovingly cared for, and the community of Port Credit has been there to ensure its light never went out. Its presence is a symbol of hope, courage and the strength of our community.

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